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Favourite Blog Posts This Week

Hey Guys!

It’s that time of the week again when I let you know what blog posts ive been loving this week!

Cravenwild – Lucky Lips: MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm

I LOVE MUA! The drugstore brand is so cheap and the products are really good, so i instantly wanted to read this post when i saw it!

karissalamarie – getting my sh*t together

Go you! I love this. it takes a lot for someone to just say ‘i just lost my way a little bit’ instead of creating lots of excuses as to why they haven’t got their sh*t together! it’s really good to go out and do things that make you feel good and get yourself back on track. I’d be really interested to read more about your journey!

bayarebeautyblogger – beauty blender review

I’ve been wanting to try out beauty blender cleaner for a while now so it was really helpful to read this review! love the photos and your blog is really lovely!

dibblescorner – Did I Mention.. I’m officially a Pixi Brand Ambassador?

CONGRATULATIONS! how amazing? I LOVE seeing bloggers take big steps and grow! this is so amazing and i cant wait to hear more!


I hope you all enjoyed reading these blogs as much as i did! let me know if you have any upcoming posts you think id love so i can take a look for my next weeks favourites hunt!




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