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May Favourites

Hey Everyone!

I love reading favourites posts, so I have decided i am going to do a Monthly Favourites post each month, and let you know all the things i have been loving!

So, here’s what I have been loving in May

Maybeline LASH Sensational Mascara

OK, i have to admit.. if someone tells me i need to go and buy something.. i will go and buy it. So thank you to Zoella for making me buy this. With just one coat my lashes almost double in length! it gives thick, black, volumised lashes without clumping. I will definitely be re-purchasing this mascara!

Maybeline BABY SKIN Primer

‘Instant Pore Eraser’ is what it claims to be. I have read before that this primer is a dupe for smashbox photo finish primer, and I agree! it feels exactly like it when you apply it. Its silky smooth and creates a perfect base for my make up, i couldn’t really tell the difference, just half the price!

Garnier Soothing Botanical Toner with Rose Water

The thing that attracted me to this product at first was that it has 96% natural ingredients. Being an acne sufferer i have become more aware of what i am putting on my skin and how gentle is sometimes better. This product feels really soft and soothing when you apply it to the skin. It smells AMAZING – just like the freshest bunch of roses. I can’t say it actively does anything for spots but it is very soothing and works well to calm and settle your skin after cleansing.

Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Powder Foundation

I have actually already talked about this product in a separate post you can find here

Dairy Free Recipe Book

I have hormonal acne, and dairy can trigger acne as it is full of hormones (no – that’s not the scientific description!) This book actually explains how acne can be caused / triggered from dairy intolerance – which I like to show all my friends and family that tell me to just ‘wash my face more’! It has lots of dairy free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desert!


I have never really shopped in Zara, mainly because I don’t have one where i live. I love Zoella’s fashion style and noticed a lot of her clothes are from ZARA. I recently went shopping a few hours away from home and they had a ZARA. i went in for a browse and instantly fell in love with almost everything in there! i could have spent a fortune! my favourite little purchase was this cute top.

I hope you enjoyed reading! I look forward to coming back next week with my June favourites!

Let me know if your loving any of these products – or if you have done a monthly favourites video leave the link below so i can give it a read! 🙂







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