Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Powder Foundation

I’ve been on the hunt for a good powder foundation to use on a daily basis instead of heavy liquid foundation. I wanted something light but most importantly non-comedogenic, which this make up brand are. ‘makeup so pure you can sleep in it’ is their tag line. However NEVER sleep in your makeup, even if the brand say you can!

What it says it is

With Aspen Bark and Tea Tree Oil To Help Promote Clearer,

Healthier-Looking Skin.

Gentle yet effective, this non-drying, mineral-powered foundation

conceals imperfections and helps reduce the appearance of imperfections

for clearer-looking skin.

  • Formulated with Aspen Bark and Tea Tree Oil to help promote clearer,

    healthier-looking skin.

  • Helps reduce the appearance of facial redness and the look of pores

    while reducing oil and shine.

  • Creamy, lightweight minerals provide beautifully flawless

    coverage.Try Blemish Remedyβ„’ Foundation with our NEW Seamless

    Buffing Brush

Dermatologist Tested


Do I Agree?

Yes. It is gentle and non-drying. When i wear it i look like i have no make up on, but i have the confident feeling of my redness and imperfections being concealed. It does a really good job of covering redness. It is weightless on the skin and feels really nice. It lasts all day without turning cakey or drying.

The only thing i would say it doesn’t do such a great job at is concealing dark under eye circles – but mine are pretty awful!

I love this product and i would re-purchase. I highly recommend it as a gentle everyday make up coverage if you suffer from blemishes or redness.

Have you tried it? what are your thoughts, do you agree or maybe you disagree? let me know your views in the comments πŸ™‚




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