50 Random Facts

Hello my lovely readers!

I am really wanting to get into blogging more and become better at it, and before I can do anything i feel it’s really important to engage with you guys and let you know a bit more about me! So i am going to list 50 Random facts about me.. hope you enjoy!

1 – I am ginger. – I know, we are rare.

2 – I am also left-handed. – lucky soul arent I?

3 – I suffer with acne – I am no longer ashamed to admit it, but it still sucks.

4 – I have 10 brothers and sisters, I have a big family and i love it!

5 – I live on a small little island called Portland, in Dorset.

6 – I sometimes wish I lived in a big city, where things are happening and there are more opportunities.

7 – The beach is a 5 minute walk from my front door, so yeah that’s a bonus!

8 – I struggle with self-confidence

9 – I am a lot of the time self-conscious

10 – I love to learn! but I hated school

11 – Christmas is my favourite holiday

12 – Summer is my favourite season

13 – I have blue eyes, but they change to green depending on my mood (so I think, anyway!)

14 – I am currently studying an events management course through open study college.

15 – I have a pet hamster called Bruce, and he’s awesome

16 – I also have a dog called Missy, she’s 14!

17 – I used to have a bright yellow bugieΒ called sunny but he flew away 😦 he used to sing ‘georgie porgie pudding and pie, kiss the girls and make them cry!)

18 – I am 5ft 5

19 – I love fashion and would love to study it

20 – I am obsessed with skin care

21 – I love doing my makeup – although i am not sure how good i am at it!

22 – I am currently living with my parents to save for a house with my boyfriend – which I am very lucky to be able to do!

23 – I have been to Thailand 3 times

24 – I have bathed with Elephants!

25 – I went on an elephant ride when I was younger – but now i disagree with it and think it is cruel

26 – I have held a tiger

27 – I have held a monkey

28 – I have been to Dubai – it was amazing

29 – I want to travel – but by taking holidays not travelling months at a time

30 – I never feel I have enough money – and don’t think i would if i earned more!

31 – I think I have a shopping habit / addiction – help.

33 – I am obsessed with my phone and wish i wasnt

34 – I am an irritable person – Β can’t help it! it’s the red-head in me

35 – I LOVE photography

36 – I love pretty flowers

37 – Elephants are my favourite animal

38 – But I am just generally an animal lover!

39 – I work part-time as a party princess

40 – I prefer fruit to vegetables

41 – my favourite colour is black!

42 – I am currently taking a medication called roaccutane – which is used to treat acne

43 – I did a skydive and raised money for cancer research UK

44 – I have a diploma in Travel and Tourism

45 – my biggest dream is to own my own little home and have it decorated just the way i want it

46 – I 100% want children one day

47 – Harry Potter films are my favourite films!

48 – I would love to be an actress!

49 – I am currently working on loving myself

50 – I am trying to get better at blogging!


There you go! 50 Random facts about me. Hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know if you have done a similar post so I can give it a read πŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “50 Random Facts

  1. I love this! Got to band together as fellow gingers ahaha. I’m from a really small family (only child and about 6 people in my whole family) and I always marvel at the busy and bustling nature of big families – it’s great! Also… Dubai?! That’s amazing?! I’m so jealous! xxx

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