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30 Things i am Grateful For

It can sometimes be far too easy in life to focus on everything that is going wrong in your life, and everything you are not happy with. But how often do we sit and say ‘I have this going for me, this is a positive thing i have in my life right now’ – not often enough!

I want to spread some positivity and let you all know 30 things I am grateful for! and i encourage you to do the same πŸ™‚

1 – I have a roof over my head – that simple! we take this for granted.

2 – I never miss a meal

3 – I have a close circle of friends

4 – I have a really good support system

5 – I have a full-time, permanent job! although I don’t always love it, its secure!

6 – I have travelled well already, and I’m only 22

7 – Dogs – they just make the world a better place

8 – This blog! – It allows me to express myself

9 – The acne community on Instagram – I no longer feel so alone

10 – My boyfriend – he supports me and makes me feel complete

11 – Dairy free Pizza from ZIZI – I try not to eat dairy as it is known to trigger acne – and i really missed pizza! it’s the little things

12 – Inspirational bloggers / YouTube’s

13 – charities – the world needs to continue to be kind and charities help do that

14 – my mum – she’s my best friend

15 – my car – I HATE buses. I love the freedom it gives me

16 – my bed – comfort.

17 – my dressing gown – again, comfort!

18 – my family – I have a large family and i love it

19 – Summer

20 – Springboard – A womans development programme that I have recently been on and has helped me change my outlook on life

21 – democracy

22 – clean water

23 – friendly strangers

24 – my dad

25 – a good salary

26 – roaccutane – a medication I am currently on to treat my acne. so far so good.. fingers crossed.

27 – a bath! almost every day

28 – my work colleagues – they are really supportive and my friends

29 – my step dad

30 – my step mum

I hope you enjoyed reading.. let me know if you do one yourself so i can have a read! πŸ™‚




One thought on “30 Things i am Grateful For

  1. I love these posts! Funnily enough I have just been writing one myself! Especially after today’s tragic news it is so important to always remind ourselves of what we are grateful for xxx


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