Favourite Blog Posts This Week

Its Sunday again, so that means its time to reflect back on the past week of blogging and tell you all about some of my favourite reads!

Ella May Garrett – Friends For Days Tag

I’ve mentioned Ella in my favourites posts before, I just love her blog! The ‘friends for days tag’ was created by Cheila (who’s blog is also awesome). I love Tag posts in general because it’s a great way as a blogger, to support others and as a reader, to find new blogs! I read every single one of the blogs Ella recommended on this post and I loved them all! – seriously.. go check them out!

So that brings me onto the rest of my favourites from this week.. some of those I read from Ellas tag post!

Kates Vanity – Taking a Break

Whilst I love and enjoy blogging, It’s very time-consuming and i can see how people can get disheartened and struggle when they get whats thought of as ‘writers blog’. sometimes we are not just in the right frame of mind to connect with the world on a daily basis. I really applaud Kate for reaching out and being truthful and telling us all .. ‘I’m not quitting, im just taking a break’ good on you Kate!

Lucy and A Cup Full of Tea – 31 Happy Things

As Ella mentioned in her original tag posts, how cool is Lucy’s blog name? I wish i thought of that! I love this post because it literally is happiness. I love a reason to be happy and Lucy is giving me 31 of them!

Beauty Tales – Tale No.6 // A Perfect Kind Of Beach Day: Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer

What I love about this blog overall is how different and unique it is, from the layout and how every post she names ‘a tale’. I love this specific post because it is about a brand that i absolutely love, ‘The Body Shop’. She gives a really good review here and instantly made me want to go out and buy the products.

I hope you all enjoyed reading and i hope you love these blogs just as much as i do!

Same again next week!




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