Roaccutane – Week 10

So I missed out last weeks post, not because i was unhappy with my skin.. it was actually the opposite. My skin has really improved over the last 2 and a bit weeks, so much so i have been going out with no make up on and the only acne i have had is little white heads/bumps which i  think have been due to alcohol and bad diet!

I didn’t post last week because how I was feeling in my skin did not reflect on the photos i was taking, so this frustrated me as i couldn’t provide a clear example of my progress. I also just wanted to have a week off from analysing my face!

I was taking photos in my bathroom in the evening with awful lighting. I decided it was probably best to take photos in natural day light first thing in the morning… BUUUUTTT I forgot! so no new photos today.. but i will post some tomorrow for you in a separate post πŸ™‚ so keep an eye out!

Just to update you on my side effects –

Back Pain, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain and aches – nothing new!

very dry nose – noticing more past week or so.. very sore!

I’m pretty sure my eyebrows are thinning.. but not sure if that is all in my head!

dry skin – again, nothing new! although past few days my skin has been extra tight!

dry hands.. looks lovely..

Again, keep an eye out for tomorrows update post for photos! and please get in touch if you have any questions or experiences with roaccutane you can share with me πŸ™‚




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