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Favourite Blog Posts This Week

Hello lovely readers! 🙂

I did this post a few weeks ago after i was nominated by the lovely Ella May Garrett and it received a really good response. I also loved doing it and it made me happy. I loved discovering new blogs and being able to share my favourite posts with other people.

I have decided to make this a weekly thing, every Sunday i am going to let you guys know what my 5 favourite blog posts of the week are! (maybe 6 if i love too many!)

So, this weeks favourite posts are..!

keelybsmith – ColourPop Cosmetics Pressed Shadow Review & Swatches

In January i ordered an empty pallete from beauty bay and its kind of just been sat in my make up drawer since. when i came accross this post i instantly though of it. Keely has swatched some amazing colours that i just cant wait to get my hands on!

Riya Hearts – Parben Free Face with Gosh Cosmetics #2

As i suffer with problem skin i am always looking out for make up products that are free from harsh ingridients, so i had to read this post when i saw the title. Ive never owned any Gosh products but these look really good and im intreged to try them out myself. the thing that stuck out to me the most in this post was Riyas photo style. it is so simply yet so effective. i prefer a clean layout and her blog is giving me all sorts of inspiration!

Okotoenigmasblog – Easy Ways to Increase Site Traffic and Get More Followers 2

I recently shared this on my blog. Its a post giving amazing tips on how to promote your blog and get more readers and followers, i found it really useful as i am still new to blogging and i have a lot to learn! i think its great when bloggers share their secrets and success with eachother 🙂

DII Blogs – Way To Be More Organised

I find it difficult to stay de-stressed without organisation and planning so i am always looking for new ways to keep organised! so i just loved this post. DII Blogs gives me great tips and if you are looking for ways to get more organised then you should give her blog a read.

thatsbeautykirstin – easter cupcakes

I love baking! but im not really that great at it and i am always looking for new recipies so i loved this blog 🙂 i also loved that it was easter themed!





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