Roaccutane – Week 8

I have now completed 2 whole months of roaccutane! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone.

If you haven’t been following my journey to clear skin, you can have a look at my weekly updates and how it all started on my blog! you can find my most recent postΒ here.

This week has been a pretty good week skin wise! the active blemishes/cysts I had last week have all dried up! Although a few did develop but went pretty quick. Today i have red marks left from these and where i have picked(oops, i know its naughty!) and a few white heads – which i can totally deal with! i have one under the skin bump on my temple but this isn’t bothering me too much.

Below is a photo of Week 7 and Week 8 so you can compare the difference

Week 7 –

Week 8 –

I had a few alcohol drinks last Friday for the first time since new years day! i didn’t go overboard though as i have heard horror stories, despite my derm telling me she wasnt overly concerned. I made sure i had drunk enough water throughout the day to try to compensate and before i went to bed. I didn’t feel too bad at all the next day. for anyone on roaccutane and wondering whether it is ok to drink or not, my advice would be yes its ok every now and again, just take it easy!

Side Effects –

My dry hands were awful at the start of this week but have really cleared up in the past few days

Jaw Ache / Headache I think caused by grinding my teeth

rash / dry skin on my neck – not sure whats going on here!

dry skin on face – getting worse!


over all i havent felt too bad this week and my skin clearing up / not having any painful cysts is making me feel so much better! – my mood also helped my the lovely sunshine we had over the weekend πŸ™‚

i am not convinced i am in the safety zone yet and believe my skin could still break out at any time, but i am trying to take each day as it comes!





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