Favourite Blog Posts This Week

Happy Monday Lovelies!

To spread a little happiness on a Monday (because lets face it, they suck!) i decided to share some love on my blog today and share with you my favourite blog posts of the week!

I got this idea from Ella May Garrett as she mentioned my Day Out in Bath post in hers! And i just loved the idea of it. It made my day so hopefully i can do the same for others!

One of the reasons i love word press so much is that its full of so many great ideas and reviews and also lovely inspirational content. I really enjoy reading some posts and learn a lot from it.

So here goes, these are a few of my favourite posts I’ve read this week!

Ella May Garrett – 5 Things My Mum Taught Me

Obviously i am starting off with Ella May, as she nominated me herself! I read Ella’s blog every time i am browsing, i love it! it’s so inspiring. In this post she talks about things her mum has taught her (and i can totally relate). I love that she has chosen to do something a little different and what better way to celebrate mothers day than to dedicate a blog post to her! I only wish i had thought of it first 🙂 keep doing what you’re doing Ella, i love it!

Zoey Allyn – Accutane Month 6: It’s Over

If you have read my blog you will know i am currently taking Roaccutane (also known as Accutane). I love reading blogs of other people who are also going through the same journey as me, it makes me feel not so alone! I love Zoey’s Accutane updates as she is completely real. She shares everything – the good, the bad, the ugly. She doesn’t hold back and i think it is important to be truthful when talking about a controversial drug that someone reading might be thinking of taking themselves. I also think she is brave for posting photo updates each week.

Emily Clare Beauty – 50 Blog Post Ideas + Free Monthly Planner!

I wish i could like this post over and over! I love writing in my blog but i do struggle to find things to talk about other than acne and skin care, so i love that i have found this! I also think it is so lovely Emily is sharing her ideas with other people and being so supportive of other people’s blogs. The planner she has designed is so pretty and i am definitely going to be using it 🙂


I have been so excited about switching up my wardrobe from winter to spring and Char has given me some serious Inspo! I love the oversized denim jacket look but not wanting to spend 40/50 pounds on one, i cant believe how cheap she found hers! I love that all of the items she has included in this are reasonably priced. thank you!

Clare Evans – REVIEW Pixi Best of Bright Kit

I have been debating on a new skin care range for a while and Pixi has always been in my top 3, so reading Clare’s review has just about made my mind up! I love how simple and easy to read this is. I cant wait to try the products myself!

I hope you have enjoyed reading and also enjoy reading these blogs!

Happy Monday!





5 thoughts on “Favourite Blog Posts This Week

  1. This is the kindest thing I have ever read! Thank you so much for mentioning me, you said such lovely things. I am also sooo glad that other people are getting on board with the Favourite Blog Posts idea too! This made my day Kiya ❤ xxxx

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    1. Has anyone ever done something like a before and after blood test with this(or any of the other hgh releaser prttcuos)do determine how much,if any,HGH is produced in the body by taking this type of product?


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