Roaccutane – Week 5

Hi again!

It’s skin review time!

Today is my 5th week on roaccutane – a drug used to treat acne. you can read all about roaccutane and my experience with it and acne in my previous blog posts. please go and take a look πŸ™‚

I am now taking 60mg a day (i started on 40mg for the first month). I had been told that when upping your dose you can experience a break out which i did! I had a breakout on my forehead which is strange as that isn’t the usual problem area.. but i guess it’s getting rid of the yukky stuff all over my face!

Here are photos from end of Week 4 and week 5 to compare. My eyes are so red in week 5 pic as I have conjunctivitis!

Week 4 –

Week 5 –

This is of mid way through this week when my skin was really red and sensitive and breaking out but if you compare to the top picture you can see how quickly it has healed in a few days

my chin area which is where I have persistent acne has actually been quite clear this week.. it’s really flat to touch and i have noticed a reduction in redness,which is good! my forehead broke out which i am guessing was because of the upped dose. These were so red and you can see they have left behind red marks.. i have a few left and did pick some (sorry! i know its naughty) but they did come to a head quicker than they would when i wasnt on roaccutane.

today I have a new spot on my cheek which is also random. i am expecting to continue to break out for the next few weeks.

another thing i have noticed is my blackheads are slowly disappearing. to begin with they all come to the surface and it was GROSS. I have always had blackheads on my nose that were so deep you couldn’t feel them let alone try to squeeze them out (TMI, soz) but they have all came to the surface and washed away so my nose is looking a lot clearer.

Side Effects:

  • tired & muscle and joint – to be honest the increased dose has hit me quite hard. my whole body feels really heavy and I have ZERO energy. its hard to even just walk up the stairs.
  • headache – still
  • chapped lips and dry skin
  • dry hands – this is a new one

I was feeling down with it all yesterday and was fed up of feeling so rubbish all the time. But i had to sit and think for a moment and realise it is a small price to pay for potentially clear skin that i am happy in. Β Although this process is difficult i know it will be worth it in the end!

As always, if you want any more info on roaccutane or just acne in general please get in touch πŸ™‚

same time next week!



2 thoughts on “Roaccutane – Week 5

  1. You’re looking great! I just finished my 5 months on accutane, the process is tedious but so worth it when you start to see results. My accutane journey blog post is going up tonight, check it out and feel free to ask any questions. Good luck xo

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