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Roaccutane – Week 4. 1 Month Complete!

I have completed my first month of Roaccutane! I can’t believe how quickly the month has gone. When i first started Roaccutane i thought this would be the longest journey ever, but i am feeling hopeful!

For those of you that have not read my previous blog posts, I am currently taking medication called Roaccutane which is used to treat acne. You can read all about my journey so far on my blog.

The past month hasn’t been easy, my body feels like it hates me. I am more tired, more achy and have faced several side effects. However my skin is on its way to becoming better, and I am feeling hopeful i might possibly get the results i am hoping for.

Here are pictures of both the end of week 3 and week 4 to compare the difference.

Week 3 –

Week 4 –

The breakout i had to the side of my mouth cleared up within a matter of days. I am not getting the cysts i used to (touch wood!!) But any under the skin blemishes come to a head really quickly and then dry up within a day or two. My skin stayed quite clear all week. I was very naughty at the weekend and ate lots of junk food and i did wake up monday morning (yesterday) with 3 or 3 white heads. already today my skin is a lot flatter and the spots have almost disapeered, just leaving behind red marks.

My face looks a lot redder in these pictures which is something I didn’t notice until now but I think that’s due to dryness

Overall there hasn’t been a huge change, its been pretty steady so far. a few new breakouts each weekΒ that dry out pretty quickly.

Side Effects:

  • continued tiredness
  • continued muscle and joint aches
  • continued back pain
  • dry skin – not too bad!
  • chapped lips, as expected
  • constant headache
  • dry eyes

as mentioned in my previous posts, i am keeping up with moisturizer and lip balm so the dryness isn’t too much of an issue at the moment. My back pain is getting worse and makes every day tasks harder. My constant headache is a pain but i can deal with this.

As of today i am up to 60mg per day, rather than 40mg i have been taking so far. So come back to read next weeks post to see if my side effects change or worsen with a larger dosage, and to also see if i have any improvements!

as always please feel free to contact me if you have any queries!


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