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I LOVE baths. I pretty much just love relaxing at any time. I love a good pamper and I will ensure I make time to do so at least once a week. So with this in mind it’s pretty obvious I am a huge lush cosmetics fan.

For Christmas I got lots of sets of bath bombs and I’ve only just got my way through them, so it was only right on my recent shopping trip to have a restock!

Here is what I got and what I love about the products:

Mask of Magnaminty

Let’s start of with my FAVOURITE! Lush masks are so great because they are made with natural ingredients and don’t have any harms chemicals (although some do include parbens – check the ingredients) which is great for me as I have sensitive skin. This mask smells amazing, literally. You can feel it working to plump your skin and purify your pores. Once washed of my skin feed so refreshed. I like to use this if I have a morning bath, or before an event to prep my skin and give me a glow. If you have troublesome skin and haven’t tried this.. do it!
The Comforter Bubble Bar 

I love the smell of the shower gel version of this so I just had to buy the bubble bar. All you need is to tear of a small amount (as you can see it’s already been used several times) and it creates SOOO many bubbles. It really lives up to its word ‘comfort’. It’s also pink, so yea that’s always awesome.

The flamingo Bubble Wand

I had to buy this.. because it’s a flamingo.. that makes bubbles! This is reusable, you just run it under the water for a few seconds then let it dry. it smells amazing.

‘The Sex Bomb’ Bath Bomb

Firstly this is just too pretty, i almost don’t want to use it! Lush claims that this bomb is perfect for when you need some sensual healing. I cant wait to try it!

The Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

This one so pretty too. You need to break just a small amount off and run it under water to create lots of bubbles, pink bubbles! it’s the perfect sweet treat.

‘You’ve been mangoed’ Bath Oil

Lush claim this is tropical and uplifting, full of citrus flavours. I am excited to try this as i’ve never really been one for bath oils, i’m more of a bubble kind of girl.. so we shall see if it can convert me!

Tea tree toner water

This is so nice to use on my skin at night time before my moisturiser. It’s soothing and also treats my acne breakouts with tea tree. It’s a real natural herb scent. I love it.



13 thoughts on “I WENT TO LUSH! 

  1. I love all of these items as well but the mask of magnaminty is seriously amazing. Their moisturizers are really great too. I go through SO many bath bombs and bubble bars b/c I HAVE to take a bath each evening, it’s like my factory reset; so I taught myself to make them. I still buy my favorite lush versions but it’s nice to have baskets full of them all of the time. xx

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      1. Yes! I have major issues finding moisturizer and when I first was introduced to theirs I was thrilled that I could get some moisture with some calming and without pore clogging and breaking me out. and yes..And; b/c Lush lists all of their ingredients it helps get them super similar. The bombs are quite easy. The bubble bars are a bit more of a pain to make, but totally worth it in the long haul!

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