Roaccutane – week 2

I have survived another week!

I am an unfortunate soul who suffers with acne, mainly cystic. I am currently taking roaccutane, which is a drug used to treat acne. I am sharing with you my journey to clear skin. You can read more in my previous blog posts Roaccutane: The Start of My Journey and Roaccutane – week 1.

I’ve included photos from end of week 1 and the end of this week (week 2) to compare any changes.

End of week 1 –

End of week 2 –

ive had a few new breakouts this week. I am guessing I am starting to get what they call the initial breakout, which i see as all of the oil and nasty stuff being pushed out from deep in the pores. I am upping my dose next month so i am preparing for this to continue for a while. although i have had a few new breakouts they seem to be drying out and coming to a head(gross i know! sorry) a lot quicker than they use to, which is good. Although i am finding it hard not to pick, which is a naughty habit of mine (don’t shout at me!) the black heads on my nose are making their way out too which is gross but also satisfying lol. 

Current side effects:

  • headaches
  • back pain/aches
  • joint aches
  • muscle aches,
  • dryness in my face
  • dry/itchy scalp
  • thirsty
  • skin sensitivity
  • tiredness
  • dry lips
  • dry/bloodshot eyes

just a few side effects I want to discuss in a bit more detail –

dryness – the reduction in oil is crazy! I have gone from my makeup sliding off my face and having to blot several times a day to my makeup staying firmly put – so this isn’t too much of a bad thing!

dry scalp – I haven’t had to wash my hair in 5 days! my hair is not getting greasy at all. So this is a bonus.

Dry lips – although I can feel them chapping, i have been really good with lip balm so they haven’t been so sore.

muscle aches/joint aches – I feel like i have run miles from just walking up the stairs! everything is double the effort. the other day i over did it with house work and running up and down the stairs that when i finally say down i hurt all over and got really tired.

overall its not been too bad this week, side effects arent getting to me too much.

please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries on acne or roaccutane, or just skin care in general! All i want to do is help other people who suffer like i do, because reading other peoples experiences really helps me!

bring on week 3!








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