skin care

Morning Skin Care Routine

Preparing your skin for the day ahead is really important. Having acne prone skin makes it even more important to stick to a routine that works for me.

I am currently taking roaccutane so I have gone from having oily skin to dry and super sentitive skin, so I’ve changed my skin care and this what I am loving at the moment. These products are not only good for dry skin but for acne prone skin. You may even find they work for you if you have oily skin as they are super friendly.

1. Cleanse

First thing I use A gentle cleanser to wash away any dirt and bacteria and wake me up. Cetaphil is a gentle, non comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) fragrance and soap free cleanser. Basically this is a simple no nonsense cleanser. It doesn’t necessarily do anything to actively improve my skin, but it doesn’t break it out or cause me any irritation whilst cleaning well.

2. Toner
I love Simple Skin Care. I swipe this over my face with some cotton wool pads. It’s so refreshing and really soothing.

3. Moisturise

I use this in the morning as it’s really moisturising but not too heavy that it comes through my makeup. Again, like the cleanser it’s gentle and friendly so I know it’s not going to break me out.

4. Sunscreen

It is so important to use some form of SPF everyday, even in the winter. It keeps skin healthy and protects from UV rays that cause ageing and dark spots. Boots own brand Soltan is so affordable at only £6 and is non pore blocking so great for acne prone skin. I also love la Roche posay but it’s a little more expensive.

Cliniques redness solution protective base is great for when your not going to be exposed to too much sun as it’s a lower SPF. I love this as it’s green which is colour corrective for redness. It feels and smells really nice.

And that’s it! These are the products I am finding work for me at the moment although there are so many more that I love and have amazing benefits that I will talk about in another blog post soon!



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