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Mini Beauty Bay Haul

I Recently Won an Instagram giveaway held by Em ford from My Pale Skin. Em is a beauty blogger/youtuber who is mostly known for her acne coverage make up tutorials and a short film she made called you look disgusting, which was all about how cruel people can be on social media. She is a huge inspiration to me suffering from acne myself, i think she is so brave and helps so many people who have acne. She has also helped me learn a lot about makeup and taught me the basics of what i know.

The Giveaway that i Won included a £50 Beauty Bay voucher, which i was so excited about! I had already filled my basket by the time the voucher arrived. Listed below is what i ordered and my thoughts so far! 🙂

Zoeva Rose Gold Vol.2 142 concealer buffer brush

I mean.. how pretty is this?! I actually discovered this brush from watching Em’s makeup tutorials. I am such a lover of the colour rose gold, so i just had to have this. Zoeva actually do a whole set of rose gold brushes, but i couldn’t quite break the bank for that just yet. It blends out concealer under the eyes and for blemishes really well. A concealer brush is actually something my makeup bag has been lacking for a while now so i am so happy with this little discovery.

Morphe Brushes MB35 Contour Brush

I’m still learning the art of contouring, so i decided i needed a decent brush to help me! I find this brush really easy to use and is great for defining the hollows of my cheeks.

Morphe Brushes ACC11 Empty Magnetic Palette & Standard Individual Eye shadow ES54 Glisten

This is an empty magnetic palette that is designed to hold individual eye shadows. Morphe have lots of different individual shadows along with other brands like makeup geek and NYX(which are super cheap!). I love this as i often find when i buy palettes i tend to stick to a few colours i like and the rest do not get used! There are several tutorials I’ve watched that use individual shadows so i am excited to order them and recreate some looks! I ordered one in the shade glisten, which i think is a really nice natural colour and I LOVE glitter and shimmer.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Treatment Mask

I actually haven’t had time to use this yet, but I’ve heard so many great things about it! Em Ford has raved about it on several occasions so i am excited to give it a go.



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