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Bare Faced Freedom

Having Acne means I constantly feel like I am being exposed, my imperfections on show for all to see. I hide behind my makeup, which even after several years practise I still haven’t perfected. However I do exactly that.. hide. I dream of being able to walk outside on a summers day and feel the sun hot on my bare face.. but mostly that’s just that, a dream. 

I have spent the weekend away in Chard, Dorset. Me and family stayed in a lodge in the forest, which was so peaceful. Sometimes I think if you suffer from anxiety going away from normality to have a breather and gather your thoughts can do the world of good.

The first day I did my normal morning routine.. cleanse, tone, moisturise, sunscreen, makeup (and lots of it). The next morning we were going for a walk and I decided I just wanted to feel free for the day! So I went out bare faced and it felt amazing

It’s really got me thinking about the impact acne has on us mentally and socially. It limits us so much to the feeling of freedom, not just being able to get up and go without hours of preparing physically and mentally for the day ahead.

I am hopefully (fingers crossed) due to start roaccutane next week and I am promising myself if it works its magic, I will try to care less about my appearance and more about taking in life. 



11 thoughts on “Bare Faced Freedom

  1. You’re so beautiful!! 😍 Screw acne!! ☹️
    It’s funny because even know that my acne is gone, and I worked so hard for it to be gone, I still don’t feel confident going out in public without makeup on. 😕 Hopefully that changes.

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    1. Awhhh thank you so much! 🙂 your blog is so lovely! giving me so much inspo right now 🙂 i dont think i will ever feel 100% confident without makeup, but you should show off your face like your showing off all the crap you’ve survived! your beautiful my lovely 🙂 x

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