Roaccutane: The Start of My Journey

If your reading this then you are probably suffering from, or know of somebody suffering from Acne, and you may have heard of a drug called Roaccutane (aka Accutane).

I have suffered with cystic acne since my early teens (im now 21). Cystic acne is when deep cysts that occur under the skin, which can be extremely painful and very unsightly. Not only does this affect my physical appearance, it also affects me mentally. Acne has caused me to develop anxiety, especially social anxiety. On good days I can just about cope being in public and socializing with my friends and family, but on a bad day just the thought of my face being on show for people to see causes me so much anxiety all I can do is lay in bed and hide away, hoping ill wake up with a new set of skin. Being invited to a party or a social event and being able to attend completely depends on how my skin is on the day, meaning I have lost friends and felt isolated on so many occasions. My complete happiness each day depends on how I feel when I look in the mirror in the morning.

After years and several visits to my GP, having tried every antibiotic, cream and pill out there I decided enough was enough and went to see a private dermatologist. She took one look at me and explained roaccutane would be the best option. It is not a drug to be taken lightly and has a variety of side effects you have to take into consideration before deciding if it is right for you. One of the main side effects is birth defects if pregnancy occurs whilst taking roaccutane, so you have to be on contraception at least one month before taking it. You also have to have a blood test before you begin, then once every month.

I have had my pregnancy test and blood tests are tomorrow, so fingers crossed I can start next week! I am both excited and nervous. I am excited at the thought of finally having skin I feel comfortable in, but also nervous in case I am unlucky and it doesn’t work for me, as I am putting all my hope into it. I am also nervous as you tend to have an initial breakout at the beginning of taking the medication. I can cope with this, as I know it will most likely get better but I am nervous to see just how bad it gets.

No matter what I am hoping I get the results I am hoping for and will grin and bare the side affects as I go!

I have recently turned to instagram for inspiration and help from people suffering like me. There seems to be such a lovely community of people willing to offer advice on their experiences, which I think is so lovely and I hope to do the same during my journey! I will also keep updates on my Blog, so if you suffer with acne and are considering taking the drug, or if you are simply looking for tips on how to treat your skin with different skin care products, feel free to follow me 🙂



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